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Sometimes people ask me why I don’t write about food considering my business is a food business. Yes, I can write about food, but as I am already prepping and cooking food all day long, the last thing I want to think about is food - no matter how passionate I am about that subject and how much I love [...]
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Oh my goody God, I am exhausted! I just got back from working in Southend. Whilst busy working, I saw that my website guy Naqeeb has messaged me asking about my latest blog. Obviously I was thinking to reply to him using one of the most overly used words in the world, which is the ‘F’ world. If you ask [...]
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Garnish: The filter on your plate?

Have you ever been to a restaurant and plate of food presented to you so beautifully it almost too bad you have to eat it nor worse you have no idea which one is the food and which is the garnish? This may not be a very popular opinion but I honestly detest garnish! I don’t dislike every garnish, I [...]
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