Garnish: The filter on your plate?

Have you ever been to a restaurant and plate of food presented to you so beautifully it almost too bad you have to eat it nor worse you have no idea which one is the food and which is the garnish?

This may not be a very popular opinion but I honestly detest garnish! I don’t dislike every garnish, I do understand that garnish makes the plate and food presentation looks inviting, sensual, and creative with added finesse. I just not a big fan of excessively molested food on my plate for the sake of ‘looking good’.

I love simplicity and aesthetic looking presentation. You cook them in the pot, wok etcetera and you dish them out and they’re ready to be eaten. I love that and even until today, most restaurant is still practicing simple and no gimmick food. The most they will do is top it with parsley, edible flowers, chillies or using lettuce leaves as a base. My issue is when there is a carrot or some kind of vegetables/fruits carved into some kind of shape like swan or dragon etc. Yes it looks beautiful and yes it require some kind of skills with a sharp knife to do that but I am just not buying it. It does not excite me, it does not makes me drool.

Maybe the dislike of garnish has something to do with my OCD. I have not been diagnosed with OCD but there is certain element of cleanliness that has to fit to my standard otherwise my head will just explode, I think! You see, certain type of garnish such as intricate as carving a stick of carrot into a beautiful swan will not sit well in my weird brain; it has been man handled way too much and even if I were told they were using gloves, I cannot imagine what else that gloves been touching and have they recycle the same garnish from the previous customers???
Do I have to pay or charge more because of something just to look good on a plate?

Being in the food business I obviously cannot shy away from decorating my plate of food with garnish. I occasionally even have to use the kitchen tweezer to place a leaf on the food (Ok! Sometimes I rolled my eyes at the tweezer!)

To me, garnish is equivalent to filter that you add in your social media photos. But liking it or not, I know garnish is here to stay.

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