Storm after storm landed in the south part of England earlier last week bringing havoc to our normally rainy days.  Trees were down, electricity was cut off, roads were flooded and in some areas, water was off too.

Luckily it’s school half term and the family and I were heading to Tenerife for a whole week of much needed holiday.  I had never been to Tenerife before and was told it’s the place to seek for some winter sun.  Well, I’m here to top up my annual need of vitamin D!

When we arrived, it was chilly and I quickly put on my jacket again.  But the weather seemed to change from chilly to hot within a few minutes.

It’s took us about 20 minutes to drive to our rented villa in Costa Adeje.  On our way there I saw several advertisement about Siam Park.  I was told it’s like a water park.  Ok, so not for me then and anyway, why do I want to come to a Spanish island to experiencer Thai-style buildings and water slides?   Will they have people standing outside each building offering “me love you long time” too?

We settled into the villa and were happy to see the master bedroom has got a huge super king size bed except this one creeks with every single movement!   Looks like my sexy time will have to wait because the pool looks so inviting!

We visited one of the beaches near here and of course it was surrounded by shops and restaurants.  Can I find an authentic Spanish restaurant?  Nope!  The place is lined with Irish bars, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Italian restaurants – almost everywhere we go the same type of food is being offered.  I need to go to a small non-tourist area to enjoy Spanish food!
This concept has been baffling me for a very long time.  I come to Spain and I want to eat their local cuisine!  Promote it!

One thing nice about Spain is that their local produce and seafood are amazing!  Luckily we rented a villa and are able to cook with all these fresh ingredients.  Bought huge arm sized pork chops for less than £5!

On Thursday, my husband took the children scuba diving and since I am no longer able to dive due to injury with my ears from the cliff jumping I did few years back, I decided to have alone time at the villa.  Having the pool all by myself is just what I needed.  So I thought nothing wrong with going topless here.  Reduce the tan lines.  I was just nicely laying there enjoying the gentle Tenerife winter sun when suddenly someone spoke to me and I open my eyes looking at this bald man saying “clean-pool”.  I jumped out of the sunbed and in the confusion I wasn’t sure which part of my modesty I needed to cover with my hands; is it the two tiny raisins stuck on my chest area, or my bulging stomach fat that, at this particular time of my life, is definitely bigger and much bouncier and plumpier than those two raisins!

My husband surprised me with booking paragliding for me to jump off the mountain. I started to wonder if he is actually having an affair and just wanted to get rid of me and make it look like an accident! Too bad honey, I’m still alive!

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