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Because I am not the biggest fan of extreme cold and damp – it makes me feel like a wet dog – I use the supermarket as part of my exercise routine.  Going up and down each isle, even if I don’t need anything there, so that I can increase my daily steps.  Obviously, at the same time I’ll be reaching for packets of biscuits, even though it’s not in my shopping list, because I just love them.  Need something to dunk in my tea!

When I was at the Children’s Toys isle, a mum was having that interesting “chat” with her toddler over a toy – she ended up losing that battle badly.  Lucky boy!

If you have read my previous blogs about my childhood, it wouldn’t be a surprise to say that toys will be the very last thing my parents would ever spend their money on.   Luckily, my friends in the village were in the same boat and we had to resort to something homemade.  But who says homemade toys are not fun!  They may lack finesse and colours, but that is what makes us creative!

As a little girl of course, I just want to play with a doll – but the only thing that we could have is something that was rolled out of a towel.  Once in a blue moon my mother was able to buy a small rubbery baby doll.  The whole thing was moulded so no hair to brush and no eye lashes etc.  The creepiest thing about this doll was that the head, arms and legs could be plucked out and put back on!

I also loved playing cooking.  We would set up our little wood stove, pile it with dry sticks and dry leaves and set it on fire.  We used an old sardine tin can and filled it with water.  Sometimes we use old cooking oil.  Our pretend cooking somehow turned out pretty real.

Back home we had loads of house lizards. These little creatures were easy to find as their diet was the small insects that would gather around the lights at night.  Another interesting thing about the house lizard is that it can detached its tail to distract and confuse whatever is attacking them, and that tail is still wriggling by the time the lizard runs away.  So we would scare the hell out of these lizards and collect their tails as part of our cooking play.  Sometimes we also collect the lizard’s tiny eggs too.
So, would you like sunny side up or boiled?

To make pretend chicken drumsticks, we would use the young undeveloped Tarap/Madang fruit (Artocarpus Odoratissimus).  For noodles …  well we would dig for earthworms!

My kids never had to go through all that.  We bought them toys and interactive games that were supposed to engage their brain and make them smarter than when we were at the same age and you know what, they are still incapable of changing the empty loo roll!

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