I was at home the other day with a glass of half empty of self-loathing because I was still in my pyjamas, slum on the sofa in front of the TV, not knowing what day is it and pigging on Ferrero Rocher chocolate whilst watching 24 Hours in A&E program in Netflix.
There were incident in one of the episode where a boy had a fish bone stuck in his throat. That reminds me of how we use to deal with incident like this back home. I never heard of anyone in my village ever been to the doctor because of fish bone stuck in their throat. You want to know why? Well… We were advice to use cooked rice, roll it on your palm to create a small ball that safe enough to swallow whole. I guess the physics behind this is for the rice ball to push the bone out and unstuck it. Most of the time this method works on the first attempt but failing that, you get a cat and use the cat’s paw to rub downwards on your neck specifically on the throat area where the bone is stuck. Why cat? Apparently because cat loves eating fish! Magic, eh!

That reminds me of other superstitions that I remember hearing during my growing up years. I thought I share with you all here:-
1) Pregnant women shouldn’t eat any jackfruit otherwise her child will have sticky hair. I don’t even know what it means but it could be oily scalp?

2) One cannot point at the moon fearing the very finger that used to point at the mood will get gangrene.

3) No singing allow whilst cooking. If you do, you may ended up marrying and old man/woman.

4) Now this sound a bit racist but apparently one is not to eat soy sauce during pregnancy if you do not want a dark skin children. Somehow they never say anything about drinking milk!

5) Do not have chameleon as a pet if you don’t want to get strike by lightning!

6) No whistling at night time, the ghost will come to get you!

7) Note for the singles, if your cooking is too salty, apparently it is a sign that you may get hitch very soon.

8) Avoid bathing your cat or you will get flooded!

9) My Chinese ex mother-in-law told me during my pregnancy that I shouldn’t eat banana. She scared if her grandchildren will behave like monkey!

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